Study: Tenn. EMS agency must raise wages or become private

Study: Tenn. EMS agency must raise wages or become private

A compensation study found that Greene County lost 20 percent of its EMS providers since July 2016 and is only fully staffed 70 percent of the time

Yesterday at 11:12 AM

By EMS1 Staff

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. — Researchers suggested that a county either raise EMS pay or let a private agency take over after conducting a study that found the EMS providers are paid significantly less than in surrounding areas.

Greeneville Sun reported that McGrath Human Resources Group conducted the compensation study, which found that paramedics are being paid around $3 less than the regional average for paramedics, and EMTs are being paid more than $2 less than the regional average.

“Not one of the Greene County EMS positions is within the acceptable market rate,” the study said. “Therefore, not only does a paramedic start $3.18 less than the average market rate, the average salary in Greene County EMS of $10.35 for a paramedic is $3.41 less than the average paramedic makes in any of the other EMS agencies.”

The study suggested raising the salaries up to the average rate, or get out of the business entirely.

“The salaries of the EMS personnel throughout the organization have not kept pace with the external market,” the study said. “The county needs to decide if it wants to maintain a high level of EMS presence to its citizens, or eliminate this service to a private provider.”