FirstWatch Acquires ZOLL Data Systems’ Resource Planner Application

FirstWatch Acquires ZOLL Data Systems’ Resource Planner Application

News Aug 11, 2018

August 11—FirstWatch, a data analytics and improvement firm serving EMS and public safety, announced the acquisition of ZOLL Data Systems’ RescueNet Resource Planner software. Resource Planner helps build optimized schedules to boost productivity and shift coverage while working to improve crew morale, by taking into account personal shift preferences.

“We’ve been big fans of Resource Planner for years.” said Todd Stout, president and founder of FirstWatch, “We have several FirstWatch customers that are power users of Resource Planner and they are excited to share their best practices with other users to help everyone get the most value from this powerful tool.”

“We’ve used Resource Planner for as long as we’ve had our ZOLL systems, and it enables us to create very efficient shift schedules that meet our systems’ and our crews needs, and refine them to meet our changing demand on very short notice,” said Jamie Chebra, Director, with Hackensack Meridien Health, JFK Medical Center EMS in New Jersey. “And, we’ve relied on FirstWatch for data analytics and daily Demand Analysis for years, and now with FirstWatch taking over Resource Planner, we’ll be able to take our system to a whole new level.”

FirstWatch and ZOLL want to ensure an easy transition for new and existing Resource Planner customers, said Stout. Those who are currently registered and paying for support through ZOLL will continue to receive services directly from ZOLL until the paid maintenance period ends. Once that ends, FirstWatch has agreed to renew the agreement at same annual price for an additional year. Agencies who own Resource Planner and are not currently paying for maintenance but are interested in signing up for support can work with FirstWatch directly to set up a new arrangement.

“Resource Planner not only empowers people to build better shift schedules, but it also improves employee morale and makes for a more capable response team,” said Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide at FirstWatch. “In order for EMS leaders to fortify and sustain their teams, they need to have enough shifts, coverage and equipment at the right time and places. Resource Planner takes away the post-it note approach and helps you quickly create a schedule that matches a provider’s preferences with a leader’s coverage needs.”

Jon Kelley, Trinity EMS (MA) Director of Communications noted, “Resource Planner plays a key role in allowing us to quickly adapt to changes in call volume. It allows us to zero in on our seasonal swing in call volume and the time-on-task capabilities provides for a much deeper understanding of our workload rather than simply counting calls.”

While Resource Planner is already integrated with many of our applications designed to assist with deployment, we plan to make it even more useful by connecting it to our other demand analysis and management programs,” said Stout. In the meantime, FirstWatch will focus on making sure that Resource Planner customers can get the most value from their investment by providing educational resources including series of short tutorials and webinars to help customers learn about the Planner and maintain a consistency throughout the transition. Go to for more information.





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