Father-daughter duo debut ‘AmbuPod’ microambulance

Father-daughter duo debut ‘AmbuPod’ microambulance

The solar-powered microambulance can be connected to any vehicle and its high-tech software allows patient information to be sent to doctors

Yesterday at 11:25 AM

By EMS1 Staff

HYDERABAD, India — A father-daughter duo debuted their “AmbuPod” microambulance that was created to help patients in remote areas.

The Hindu reported that Dr. Lavanian Dorairaj showcased the solar-powered AmbuPod, which can be connected to any type of vehicle for easy navigation, at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Dr. Dorairaj’s daughter, Yamini, a psychology graduate, helped him develop the platform, apparatus, which also includes software that allows EMS providers to send doctors patients’ information, and a medical kit that has everything necessary for a makeshift clinic.

The AmbuPod is meant to act as a 24/7 ambulance for rural areas, and it can climb through rough terrain and access narrow paths.

“We have applied for a patent and looking for investors to scale up the project,” Yamini said.