The quest to make ambulance and emergency services better is a difficult if not sometimes impossible task. We are not the general consulting firm; We are an answers firm. We specialize in project management. Not every system works the same, and no one can be an expert in everything. So, what makes us different? You will be treated as one entity, with one issue. Research to any one problem will lend the answer.  Together, through hard work, we all make a difference

Not every organization require global change. The large firms deal with global change and general global policy. Organizations may need to develop other tools to grow and stay competitive. Not everyone has the resources to do research for development. Not every global answer is right for every organization. As a consulting firm, we offer evaluation and research-based solutions to problems, but also the development of an organization. From protocol and procedure evaluation to leadership development, we bring the tools to make teams successful. Also, doing work in our communities may reveal a need to develop further tools that everyone in the community may benefit from. Not all services are fee-based because we need to grow as an emergency service community to better serve our patients and communities. Contact us to see how we can help move you in the right direction. Consulting done differently! Here are some current and past projects:


Current Projects

Ambulance Transport Database: Easy to list a service or find transport services. A better Network for better patient care. National


Emergency Resource: Still very young.  Research to find private resources across the county. Better response and support for communication centers. Let us post your resources or help build your area for remote access in time of disaster.  National


Paramedic Scope: Paramedics are being used more in Hospitals on the Floor and ER. Increase education and licensure to accommodate. Colorado.


Leadership Development: Emergency Services grows from within this class series is for developing management from within the organization. Building from basic communication to advanced management skill set


Past Projects


Airway Management: Improving Airway Management. Research for services in New Mexico then Published in JEMS for National Community Benefit.


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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, Call 911 or seek care immediately We are not a provider and do not give out advice Email and Phones are not Monitored

Mission Statement

To bring all entities in patient care together to make one cohesive network for the better use of resources and favorable patient outcome in a positive environment.