There is not one all-inclusive place to find patient medical transport resources. This is what we can provide. One place to find patient transportation needs and one place to give feedback on the resources used. Our site enables hospitals to find both air and ground transport for short and long distances. Air transport can find ground ambulances for their needs and events can find the required medical staff. What is our key? Our site is just for EMS by EMS. We work together for the benefit of our patients. The web site is not just to look for providers, but also to communicate with and review the providers themselves. Our goal is to increase the level and the quality of care. We maintain higher standards for the benefit of the patients. Every company looks to separate itself from the competition, to show they are truly a better company. Through managing resources, we can increase the effectiveness of the system.

Emergency Transport Association



Search of member services across nation for medical transport

Resource search of any scale incident or need

Many resources like equipment as well as billing and other services

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, Call 911 or seek care immediately We are not a provider and do not give out advice Email and Phones are not Monitored